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NOEL Acrylic Sign
NOEL Acrylic Sign

NOEL Acrylic Sign

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NOEL Acrylic Signs!

- 400x 200mm

- 3mm thick.

Acrylic paint is used on the back which is water proof, these can be used outside.

 How to attach:

the signs do not come with any fixings.

- If you are wanting to drill holes in the acrylic, please make sure you know how to do this as if it goes wrong it may crack and split the acrylic- we will not, unfortunately, replace this for you as we don’t advise doing it if you’re unsure how to. 

- Command strips / blutak for temporary use, this can be used for the smaller sizes as the acrylic is light weight. 

- Prop it up! A lot of people like to prop up on a shelf or against something. 




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